PRIS:18 500 kr med media kort

Origin Live Encounter Tonarm

The Encounter arm introduces dual pivot bearings to the Origin Live tonearm range. Dual Pivot bearings decouple the arm from it’s environment in a far more competent way than conventional bearings. The result is similar to Uni-pivot arms in terms of a natural fluid like quality to the sound. However this comes without the drawbacks of Uni-pivot arms – namely the fiddly set up, wobbly cueing and decrease in bass performance.

Dual Pivot bearings have the advantage of very low friction which helps give the encounter a greater transparency and musicality than the Zephyr arm, allowing you to hear previously unnoticed details in your music. It’s also fast and enables musical rhythms to keep in time with one another. As with all our arms tonal balance is neutral allowing it to work well in all types of systems.