PRIS:7 500 kr med media kort

Avid Cover Acutus skivspelarhuv

Our bespoke covers will enclose all our turntables and many others, offering full protection from dust and other dangers.
Manufactured to the highest quality in clear acrylic the Acutus Full cover has an engraved ‘AVID’ logo and relieved at the rear to allow for cables.
The more economical Volvere Full cover, which also serves the Sequel features machined feet to keep the cover rigid whilst handling.
Our Diva II Full cover also suits the Diva II SP and is based on the Volvere Full cover and the feet can be fitted as an option.
The Universal Flat Cover will fit all our turntables and offer a very economical solution to dust and stylus protection.

: 508 mm

: 420 mm

: 234 mm

: 498 mm

: 410 mm

: 229 mm

: 3.9 KG

: 6 KG

: 600 x 500 x 420 mm