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Pro-Ject 78rpm Pulley Set

How to do 78rpm with Pro-Ject turntables

• Pro-Ject offers turntables that are able to play 78rpm records
• Following pages show 2 charts with current and discontinued
Pro-Ject turntables and their ability to play 78rpm records
• Some will do all speeds directly out of the box, with no
additional accessory needed
• Some will need special accessories
• Some turntables can not be converted for 78-use.
• CAUTION! Playback of 78rpm records will damage a standard
stylus for 33 or 45rpm records! Special dedicated 78-needles
are available for many MM cartridges! (see examples >>>)
• Drive pulley exchange can be reversed easily!
• If you are in doubt, consult your specialised Pro-Ject dealer!