PRIS:3 500 kr med media kort

Advance Acoustic WTX Tube Streamer


The challenge was not easy, we wanted to read dematerialized music as musical as possible. In fact, forget this sound that we considered too digital for a more analog sound, more in the spirit of vinyl.
Achieving this result seemed possible to us by combining several technologies and design. That’s what we did !

Using a pair of Raytheon 5703 subminiature tubes, Class’A design, the integration of a Tri-core processor, a combination of a 32-bit Dual-Core and a 120Mhz Single-Core with an independent DAC Wolfson WM8740, 24- Bit / 192 kHz and finally the integration of a High definition codec allowing to restore the smallest details of the music.
The resulting sound reproduction is astounding, respecting the requirements of audiophiles and recalling the warm musicality that vinyl lovers cherish.
HD files pass easily through WTX-TUBES and become more precise and balanced thanks to the integration of the aptX HD high definition codec.

Solution : QCC / Wolfson / Raytheon
BT : 5.0
Codec : aptX, aptX HD, AAC, SBC
DAC : WM8740 24-Bit/192kHz, Dynamic range 117dB, Low clock jitter
Tubes : 2 x Raytheon 5703
Tri-core processing : DualCore 32-Bit, SingleCore 120Mhz
Dimensions : 130 x 110 x42mm W/D/H