PRIS:490 kr med media kort

Pro-Ject Connect it RCA-E 1,23m. RCA-kabel, 1,23m

RCA-Kabel 1,23m.


• High quality stereo NF cable
• Ideal for turntable connection
• High purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC)
• 2 individually shielded conductors per channel
• Semi balanced geometry
• Low capacitance
• Low distortion level, neutral sound
• Earth wire with spade connectors
• Pre-configured as RCA>RCA or 5P>RCA

A step up to better sound: Semi-balanced Phono interconnect cable engineered for performance

Unlike ordina-ry coaxial cables, with their “no technology” construction, Connect it E features a “dual twisted pair” technology with a 100% foil shield for rejection of EM and RF interference – the types that cause hum and buzz in your system. Dual twisted pair construction consists of two identical conductors for positive and negative signals that