PRIS:790 kr med media kort

Pro-Ject Connect It RCA-CC 0,205m. RCA-kabel 0,205m

Signal cables optimised for use with turntables. Highly flexible with low capacitance and perfect shield. These cables were developed to have low colouration and are handmade in Europe. “State-of-the-Art” components for leads, dielectric and plugs were chosen after intense listening tests. Specific lengths were chosen because of their significant advantages when carrying audio signals.

Pro-Ject Connect it – CC line
Electrically shielded with conductors made of OFC copper and
an additional layer of carbon fibre

Model RCA-CC

Pris kan variera beroende på längd.

Interconnect cable,
4x RCA phono plugs.
Available length: 20,5 / 41- 920 kr / 82- 1050 kr / 123- 1150 kr.