PRIS:690 kr med media kort

Pro-Ject Connect It RCA-3,5mm-C 0,41m. RCA till 3,5mm-kabel, 0,41m.

Signal cables optimised for use with turntables. Highly flexible with low capacitance and perfect shield. These cables were developed to have low colouration and are handmade in Europe. “State-of-the-Art” components for leads, dielectric and plugs were chosen after intense listening tests. Specific lengths were chosen because of their significant advantages when carrying audio signals.

Model RCA-35-C
Interconnect cable,
1x 3 pole mini-jack (3,5mm Ø) +
2x RCA phono plugs.
Available length: 20,5 / 41- 690 kr and 82cm- 790 kr.

Priset varierar beroende på längd.