PRIS:9 500 kr med media kort

Lavardin CPO Phono Signalkabel

Model CPO low memory tone arm cable 5P/RCA, 130cm
Continuing the expansion of the range of our proprietary “low memory” technology cables, we are proud to present the new Model CPO.
The Model CPO tone arm cable is single shielded and uses two separate wires from the high-grade 90 degree mini din tone arm connector and professional grade RCA gold plated connectors.
Fantastic upgrade for Linn, Ikeda, Fidelity Research, Jelco, recent SME tonearms and any other tonearm fitted with mini din tone arm connector.
Much less stiff than regular tonearm cables, the Model CPO is ideal for suspended decks like Linn LP12, Ariston, Pink Triangle, Systemdeck et Thorens TD150 et TD160 Super, where it also provides an improvement on the mechanical design.