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Siltech Triple Crown Högtalarkabel


Just like the Triple Crown interconnects, the speaker cables’ spade connectors required complete new design to maintain the mechanical and electrical consistency and stability as the Triple Crown cables.
The large break-out bodies at each end of the interconnect and speaker cables are for more than mere decoration. Each one has a switch on it that allows you to lift the shield connection, allowing you to choose between directional or star grounding of each channel’s shields – or no shield grounding at all – depending on the system and environmental situation. It’s another small but surprisingly important step in the pursuit of ultimate system optimization.

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Siltech’s unique mono-crystal silver conductors already delivered the highest resolution, lowest loss audio signal path, the standard against which other conductors are measured. How could we improve on them? Well, if mono-crystal silver is the best conductor material available, one way to get better performance is to use more of it, creating dimensionally optimized conductors that use more of this costly material. The Triple Crown’s conductors are the largest diameter mono-crystal silver conductors we’ve ever used, a solution that’s only possible in a genuinely cost-no-object design, where the only consideration is ultimate performance.

But alongside new levels of musical nuance, detail and definition, the astonishing accuracy of the conductor also reveals the shortcomings in other aspects of cable construction; residual levels of micro-distortion and other error mechanisms that have been masked until now. Using the latest advances in audio measurement techniques, it became clear that to eliminate all distortion and minimize all induced errors would require the mechanical and electrical optimization of the signal transmission path as a whole, including not just the cable but the connectors as well.
It would require a complete rethink of the construction and new levels of geometrical and conductive consistency.

Insulation – the conductor’s not so passive partner
We know how effective the widely spaced screens used in our Double Crown cables are when it comes to protecting the fragile audio signal. We also know how much damage, soft, lossy insulation materials can do. That means that the best audio performance will come from a cable that is large diameter and stiff – almost like a length of pipe! The challenge seems impossible: to create a large diameter cable that is rigid yet practical, structurally stable yet flexible.

Siltech’s engineers have finally perfected a radical new cable topology, a complex construction that ensures absolute geometrical and mechanical consistency, no matter how the cable is curved. It needed to be longitudinally flexible but stiff in compression. Designing it was a challenge, but nothing prepared us for the difficulty of actually producing it. Two years of research have led to results that far exceed even our expectations. We call the new topology Air Cradle Construction and it combines massive mono-crystal silver conductors with ultra low-density insulation created from a complex Teflon matrix, to deliver incredibly low inductance, resistance and capacitance.

The result is a vanishingly low loss cable with numbers that aren’t just better than any other cable we’ve ever produced – they’re better under any circumstances. Because what Siltech’s exhaustive empirical research has also revealed is that it’s not just low LCR numbers that matter, but the consistency with which a cable delivers those numbers under real-world conditions.