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Siltech Explorer 90L Högtalarkabel

The Siltech Explorer 90L are High Purity Mono X-tal Cu Loudspeaker cables.

Standard available connectors are  S-Conn Banana, S-Conn Spade. All Siltech Gold-plated connectors.

Siltech has always advocated the benefits of silver and silver-gold over any other metallurgic technology for a good reason. Due to their composition, materials like copper are not stable over time and therefore a poor long-term investment for the audiophile. Now Siltech has found a new technology for producing extremely pure mono crystal copper to be used in non-degrading copper cables. After intensively testing the ageing effect, Siltech felt confident to put this revolutionary technology into production, leading to the Explorer Series™. A high-tech jacket, comprising a dual layer Kapton film and Teflon insulation protects the 6N mono crystal copper against magnetic, radio frequent and mechanical influences.

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