PRIS:2 500 kr med media kort

Advance Acoustic K-3SE Högtalare

The compact Kubik K3SE loudspeaker is a bookshelf. Its small size enables it to fit easily into rooms from about 30 m2. Its incredible performance in low frequencies are amazing, especially taking into account its small size ! Its balance and neutrality make it the ideal loudspeaker to play back the music with natural and refinement. No need of high powerful amplifier to drive it, due to its good efficiency. Combined with the KUBIK KSUB 200 subwoofer, and the Kcenter speaker, it can be integrated in a qualitative “Home Cinema” system.





Frequency response : 45 Hz -22 kHz
Crossover : 12/12dB/Octave
Number of drivers and ways : 2/2
Sensitivity : 89 dB
Impedance : amplifier 4-8 Ω
Recommended Amplifier Requirements:30-100 Watts
Cabinet : MDF material (Height : 25,5 cm -Depth : 24,5 cm – Width 17 cm – weight : 3,60 kg the unit)
Finish : black or white
Bass reflex ( event in the rear panel)
Woofer 13 cm
Tweeter : 2,5 cm
Mono wiring with banana plugs