PRIS:83 000 kr med media kort

ASR Emitter I Basic Förstärkare

Integrerad förstärkare, diskret uppbyggd, 2 x 140 watt i 8 ohm, 2 x 250W i 4Ohm 500VA trafo/kanal. Relästyrd volymkontroll, 1dB volymsteg, Separat nätdel.
406.440uF Kondensatorbank. 5st RCA Ingångar, 1st Direct Input RCA, 1st Tape Out
The Emitter I integrated amplifier is well equipped with very expensive parts for its price and powers even the most demanding loud speakers with the greatest of ease. A single separate power supply box keeps electro-magnetic fields and vibrations away from the control unit. This helps the amplifier convey a transparent and natural sound with plenty of power and basically no noise. This is a practical High-End integrated amplifier for home use. The separate power supply unit is equipped with two powerful PM (Philbert-Mantelschnitt) transformers with a smaller PM transformer for Standby operation. The two power transformers are switched ON softly with 5 high power relays in the energy saving mode. If required, they can be switched via a current limiter into normal operation mode. In the power supply unit, 8 different voltages are generated. Every voltage is rectified individually and pre-buffered. These voltages are used to supply the input amplifier, driver, output stage as well as the control circuit separately.

OBS! Du har möjlighet att uppgradera din Emitter 1 Basic på följande vis.

Balanserad XLR ingång: 3500 kr/st.
Pre-Out RCA: 2500 kr/st.
High Voltage 63: Större kondensatorbank på 606.440uF. 63V Elko: 11000 kr/st.
High Voltage 80: Större kondensatorbank på 606.440uF. 80V Elko 19000 kr/st.
Metallfötter: 4 st massiva metallfötter i krom: 5000 kr/set.

2×140 Watts into 8 ohms
Total buffering capacity 373.000uF
Double monaural construction in single casing, mirror symmetrical design
MOSFET Class A/B technology
Separate power unit with energy management control
6 relay driven high level inputs
1 recording output
Slot for phone preamplifier or balanced input
Volume control with relays in 1dB steps
LED display as operation indicator
Signal to noise ratio on high level input: 88 dB
Rise time lower than 1 µs
Distortion lower than 0.01%
Damping factor: more then 600
Power consumption in the standby- operation: 10 VA
Quiescent power consumption in energy – saving mode with half supply voltage of the output stage: 50 VA
Quiescent power consumption in normal mode with higher output power capacity: 120 VA
Dimensions of the control unit: 42 x 42 x 18 cm
Dimensions of the power unit: 46 x 32 x 16 cm
Weight of the amplifier: 19 kg
Weight of the power unit: 31 kg