PRIS:9 000 kr med media kort

Advance Acoustic PX-1 Försteg

Our aim was to offer to the worldwide music lovers a higher quality level,, so we decided to launch Advance Paris brand, the outcome of 20 years of experience in the quality audio reproduction. Advance Paris brand was exclusively dedicated to our « High End products».
Since now two years, the first premium products that were launched are the mono amplifier X-A1200, the CD player with valves X-Cd1000 and an integrated amplifier X-i1000.
For the 20 years of Advance Acoustic brand, we are proud to present you our new Smart serie, which incorporates our new Advance Paris trademark.
The Smart range is composed of an integrated amplifier AX1, a stereo power amplifier BX1, a DAC/Preamp DX1 and one preamplifier PX1. Will follow a streamer SX1,a mono power amplifier BX2 and a CD drive MX1.
Really elegant Serie by its design, the Smart Line is technically and acoustically at the cutting edge of the best products we can find at this day.this one was developped for really demanding audiophile people that don’t want to do any compromise.

The Smart serie is marketed under Advance Paris brand, our premium trademark.A compact serie of products, not mini, not micro.
The reason is simple. The quality of Hifi products depends largely of their power supply quality and used components. A qualitative power supply needs transformers with right size. An efficient power amp circuit integrates power transitors generating high temperatures.So an adequate ventilation is required as a minimum volume. So a product miniaturization is not possible, except using technologies or amp classes that we do not endorse.

Real control center of your Hifi system

The new preamplifier PX1 is the point of reference. See for yourself : Designed around two mono  preamplifiers built in the same box, our stereo preamplifier PX1 can be qualified as a real dual mono, two  EI standard transformers , shielded with mu-metal sheet, expensive but really efficient solution.

The PX1 is the focal point of your High fidelity system.

Even if the sound quality was our main priority, we would like that our preamplifier should be able to run all the current sources : analog, dematerialized or physic digital sources Nothing has been forgotten, each input has been enhanced in order to achieve the highest level of music resolution.

The PX1 offers nine analog inputs such as balanced input and one customizable MM or MC phono input with double level. The parameters of the phono cartridge capacitance  are adjustable. The  digital side was also not forgotten, and the PX1 offers three  optical inputs, one coax, one USB B (asynchronous X-mos) as one USB A. The conversion of the digital signal is done by the famous Wolfson WM8740 converter. These digital inputs are completed by a proprietary protocol allowing to connect the direct path Bluetooth  adaptor X-FTB01.

It is a direct processing of signal (direct path) in order to keep the original quality of the signal . The interactive menu offers you 2 modes of use. The mode Class A or the mode « discrete. The Class A output is built on a circuit based only on bipolar transistors. It is double cascade circuit offering a highest performance that allows to control and limit the distorsion, so very homogeneous and polarized in Class A. The discrete output is a stage based on a more classical typology with a JFET input differential stage and a current mirror with bipolar transistors with a polarized Class AB  output. This typology brings more odd harmonics distorsion, sometimes less appreciated when you are listenning, but sometimes perceived as well defined too.

The use of the PX1 is particularly easy due to its single rotary key with button push to acceed to all the menu choice as input selection, volume adjustment, tone settings, loudness, APD function (disconnection of the auto power off after 30 minutes of inactivity) On the outputs side, the PX1 is also really complete as for inputs : one balanced XLR, one unbalanced Cinch, one Rec Out, one Pre Out Hi pass, two sub-bass.

Last but not least, the engineers didn’t forget the headphones listenning lovers, so under the device you will find the switches that will allow you to adjust independantly  gain and output impedance  for 2 headphones (gain : +6,0,-4dB, output impedance : from 0 to 100 Ω).

DIGITAL OPT. & COAX. INPUTS : 8 (6 Optical / 2 Coaxial)
USB-B INPUT : XMOS asynchronous PC/MAC
USB-A : YES / iPod/iPhone compatible
DIR DIGITAL AUDIO AKMAK4118 24Bits/up to 192kHz low jitter
DAC WM8740 WOLFSON 24BIts/up to 192 kHz low jitter

DIMENSIONS : H.129 x 230 x 325 mm