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Tsakiridis mod Zeus Riia förstärkare MM / MC Rör.

Detta Riia steg är absolut ett av vårt bästa pic-up förstärkare , vi har ju även Quad med rör samt ASR , som kostar ungefär det samma ,kom och lek.

Zeus is a Moving Coil – Moving Magnet hybrid Phono preamplifier.
Hybrid because it utilizes ultra low noise op-amp ICs in the input stage and a tube (6DJ8) output stage in cathode follower arrangement.
Equipped with sophisticated power supply which provides four independent DC power supplies.
Zeus provides five input resistor selections, four input capacitance selections and four gain selections to match perfectly your phono cartridge.
Meliculous to the last detail this phono preamplifier is said to be a world class device.


Zeus , Moving Coil / Moving Magnet Preamplifier, (1 x 6DJ8).
Four (4) Independent DC Power Supplies.
Five (5) Selections of Input Resistance.
Four (4) Selections of Input Capacitances.
Four (4) Selections of Gain.
Ultra Low Noise Input Stage.
Double Face Printing Circuit with Separete Signal & Power Path.
Power Supply Capacitors United Chemicon.
Porcelain Tube Base.
Hand Made Power Transformer.
High Grade Polypropylene Signal Capacitors.
Metal Film Resistors with Low Tolerance 1%.
Gold Plated Input Connectors Ultimax.
Gold Plated Output Connectors Ultimax.
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