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STUDIO CONNECTIONS – Reference power Cord
This revolutionary power cable improves the image stability in good quality audio systems.
Instead of asking ‘if” we asked ‘why’ and ‘how’ mains cables may effect the sonic performance of a system. The result, our Reference Power Cord, is a radically new approach to mains cable.

By directly tackling the low level disturbance issues generated in and around a system, in high performance system STUDIO CONNECTIONS Reference Power Cord cable will significantly improve your listening experience. Indeed, this cable has set a higher standard for power cables.

Our Reference Power cable dissipates airborne and line transmitted disturbances. This reduces the noise floor which stabilises the reference voltages of the audio system which, in turn, stabilises the audio image (If you want a visual idea – think ‘measuring the horizon on a boat- the more you reduced the effect of the waves (noise) the better your reference for measuring the horizon ‘). This result of a stable audio image is a much coherent sound stereo-graphic reproduction, better imagery and as a result much more realism.

In a finely tuned and high performance system, this effect of the mains cable is a very perceptible enhancement to the musical ‘realism’ and better presentation of the audio staging

Why and how mains cables can effect sonic performance

At first, the idea that a power cable can raise the standard of a system confounds many people- especially the technical minded ones. And I understand that- I have been there myself. However, the first observation is mains cable doesn’t just supply the mains power. It also shunts energy created by electromagnetic fields and transients and noise. Even the finest analogue ‘non-switching’ analogue power supplies have didoes that switching high current at mains frequencies. These and other sources of disturbance must- and do- reflect noise pulses onto the mains supply. Even your equipment is generating noise at some level, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

So given that there is noise on the mains cables- so what. Well- in theory, everything is isolated, in practice everything is either inductively or connected one way or another, and noise somewhere must reflect elsewhere- its alike equal and opposite reaction. where there is a force there is a reaction.

So – given there is inevitable noise which we cannot get rid of- that’s a fact of life- we need to manage it. Most power conditioners shunt it somewhere- like on to the ground. However, the ground wire is not magic and ‘disappear it’. There will be a current on the ground wire, and so this noise, rather than disappearing will propagate to all the components.

Rather than shunt the noise ‘elsewhere’ as most ‘conditioners’ and filters do, by virtue of the materials and design, our cables simply dissipate the energy as heat. Does it work- or is this fanciful?. Well- our designer Michel Whiteside, has been making cables for many uses over the years, and this is a technique used to make ‘radar invisible’ cables on shipping and for radar stations to prevent detections or to prevent unwanted images at radar stations. Yeap – its stealth technology- it works.

“The Reference Power Cords are a big advantage to our system. It sounds wonderful”
Bernd Hömke,’Input Audio, Germany


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