PRIS:2 000 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Ultra Blue högtalarkablar 2 X 2 meter spadar eller banankontakter.

Dessa kablar kan du köpa i andra längder som: 2-5 M pris 2400:- 3 M pris 2800:- , om du behöver längre kablar så kostar dom 400:- / halvmeter / par.


Ultra Blue Speaker Cable

Building on the strengths of the award wining Blue cable and going much further. This cable has been developed with home cinema, custom installation and good hifi performance in mind. If you like a full, rich, clear sound then you need to listen to your system with the Ultra Blue. In terms of performance the Ultra Blue sits assuredly between the entry level award wining Blue and the multi award wining Black cables.


HiFi Choice Review, 2015

”It finds the direct line to the music’s rhythms and dynamics, and weaves them together in a wonderfully cohesive way. You find yourself not listening to the hi-fi, but totally immersed in the music, forgetting completely about your system.” – HiFi Choice

HiFi Pig Review, 2014

“The Ultra Blues just seem to do something special without even trying. …It offers a huge bang for the buck, so rightly deserves the high praise”
– HiFi Pig, 2014

HiFi World Review, Oct 2014

”An affordable cable that offers a big sound that will suit lean-sounding systems or the home cinema market.”
– Hi Fi World, Oct 2014 edition.

User Comments

“Once again, I can’t speak highly enough of your product. The Ultra Blue did take a while to burn in but now sounds simply fantastic. I am getting much more music out of the CD player – to the extent that it seriously challenges the turntable (RP6), in musical terms. Also, interestingly, it throws into much sharper relief the difference between the valves I use in the PL integrated. Have swapped out the 6550Cs, which now sound a bit soggy when fed from the CD, for KT88s, which have much more scale and punch.

All strength to your arm, TQ!”
– Rob Foot, Australia.