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Copland 215 Dac, Hörlursförstärkare & Försteg.

Denna Dac är Coplands första ,och Ole Möller ,Coplands grundare har valt att även bygga en hörlursförstärkare och förförstärkare i ett , vad skall man säga mer än Wow , nu önskar vi bara att den kommer till oss här på HI-FI Skåne  ,så vi kan börja njuta och delge er alla Copland freaks en fantasisk produkt.


Copland DA 215 DAC / Preamp / Headphone Amp – Copland are a Danish company founded in the mid 1980’s by Olé Möller who over the past 30 years have produced valve and solid state amplifiers with their current range focusing on valve amplifiers. Copland products are known for their beautiful minimalist design and for their use of high grade components that have won them many followers amongst the audiophile community and with press alike, winning multiple awards around the world. Please feel free to come in to HiFi Lounge to experience Copland for yourself and to find out why their products are loved by so many across the globe.

Universal High-Resolution Dac, Pre-Amplifier, Headphone Amplifier

The digital revolution has made ​​music easily accessible. The convenience and impressive sound quality digital music files on your computer, consider the set of audiophile your PC or laptop as the main audio source.

Connecting to a computer will process audio DA215 maximum discretization in amplitude and frequency, with the playback quality will depend on the quality of the original audio data.

DA215 serves excellent DAC with multiple S / PDIF inputs and support PCM / DSD signals, built on chips ES9018 Reference 32-bit DAC configuration quad-mono, ie 8 mono channels are converted into 2 stereo. When combining the four-phase and antiphase four converter per channel, the statistical properties of the signals are improved; correlating the power signal phase subsequently added, while as the noise power is uncorrelated in phase – thereby improving signal / noise ratio of the resultant analog waveform.

Analog circuits and filters built on discrete elements. Technology circuit class-A was borrowed from a well-established CD-player Copland and provides stunning sound quality with a relaxed mobility and dynamics. Due to the increase of the sampling frequency, sampling reduces the influence on the outputs of DACs. This allows the construction of the analogue output stage with high bandwidth and low-order analog filters.

DA215 has an asynchronous USB input, three digital inputs S / PDIF, analog inputs, two analog outputs (fixed and adjustable), headphone output on the front panel, on which work weekends tube drivers class-A, as well as a built-in preamp with an analog volume control. In the pure functional DAC preamp and volume control can be turned off.