PRIS:124 000 kr med media kort

ASR Emitter II Basic Förstärkare

Integrerad förstärkare, diskret uppbyggt förstärkare, 250watt/kanal/ 8 ohm, 500VA trafo/ kanal. BASIC relästyrd volymkontroll, 1dB volymsteg, 2 st separata nätdelar, komponentval av absolut högsta kvalitet, finish i svart, vikt 96kg.

EMITTER II Blue Version:
Integrerad förstärkare, samma förstärkare som Emitter II med följande tillval: Version Blue finish innebär Emitter II med blå display samt blå LED, solida metallfötter i krom, möjlighet att välja svarta eller silverfärgade kylflänsar, tillägg på ordinarie priset.

The Emitter II was developed in order to drive the most demanding loudspeakers with ease of power. The Emitter II has extremely powerful noise-free sound which further allows the huge, three dimensional sound stage and sublime clarity of this stunning amplifier take you to another place. For each channel, there is one separate power unit with two powerful PM (Philbert-Mantelschnitt) transformers with an energy saving circuit. In total, 3 transformers generate eight different voltages. Every voltage is rectified individually and pre-buffered. These voltages are used to supply separately the input amplifier, driver and output stages, as well as the control circuit. The Emitter II is connected to the power supply units with 2 double-shielded cable, each 2 meters long. The 30 contacts of the plug-in connector are designed individually for 16 ampere. The input sockets are made out of gilded massive brass. The insulator consists of high-quality Teflon. Massive silver wire Teflon coated is used for the music conductors. The 100 Amp speaker terminals with big lever grips allow up to three loudspeaker cables with cable spade connectors for Bi- or Tri-wiring. 4 mm plugs can be connected firmly and secure. To avoid any possibilities of short circuits, the pole terminals are fully -isolated and mounted with 50 mm distance.

OBS! Du kan uppgradera din Emitter II Basic genom tillvalen som finns nedan.

Balanserad. Balanserad XLR ingång: 3500 kr/st
PRE-OUT. Pre-out RCA: 2500 kr/st.
High Voltage 80. Större kondensatorbank på 957.520uF. 80V Elko: 17000 kr/st.
High Voltage 100. Större kondensatorbank på957.520uF. 100V Elko: 32000 kr/st.
Metallfötter. 4 st massiva metallfötter i krom: 5000 kr/set.

2×250 Watts into 8 Ohms
Total buffering capacity 757.420uF
Double monaural construction in a single case, mirror symmetrical design
MOSFET Class A/B technology
Two separate power units with energy management circuitry
6 relay driven high level inputs
1 direct input
2 tape recording outputs
Slot for phono preamplifier or balanced input
Volume control with relay in 1dB steps
LED display as operation indicator
Infrared remote control for all functions
Protection circuits to ensure against overload, override, short circuit, excess temperature and DC voltage
Signal to noise ratio on high level input: 90 dB
Rise time lower than 0,8 µs
Distortion lower than 0,01%
Damping factor: more then 1000
Power consumption in standby mode: 20 VA
Quiescent power consumption in energy saving mode with half supply voltage of the output stage: 90 VA
Quiescent power consumption in normal mode with higher output power capacity: 200 VA
Dimensions of control unit: 57 x 47 x 23 cm
Dimensions of power units: 46 x 32 x 16 cm
Weight of the amplifier: 44 kg
Weight of one power unit: 31 kg