M2-9R-Leaflet2 (1)
PRIS:16 900 kr med media kort

SME M2-9 tonarm 9″

Thin walled stainless steel tone-arm
S2-R Aluminium shell detachable and interchangeable without disturbing cartridge or wiring
Double draw-in pin bayonet fitting design ensures a rigid junction with the tone-arm
Unique headshell to tone-arm coupling readily allows cartridge azimuth adjustment
Internal constrained layer damps minute residual vibrations making the tone-arm acoustically inert
Stainless steel ground horizontal spindle carried in substantial yoke in lOmm diameter precision ball race bearings
Stainless steel ground vertical spindle with integral 16mm diameter flange to couple the spindle with the yoke
The 23mm diameter steel pillar is heat treated, ground, internally honed and carries two 17mm diameter precision ball race bearings widely spaced to resist tilt
The Anti-Skate control operates through an Anti-Skate weight and filament and is adjustable for up to 5g of cartridge vertical tracking force (VTF)
The lowering/raising control gives a smooth positive action and allows for the lifting height of the cartridge above the record to be adjusted
Thumbwheel cartridge vertical tracking angle (VTA), height adjustment
Bedplate affords +/- 12.0mm movement to facilitate horizontal tracking angle (HTA) adjustment
The base slides on the bedplate for HTA adjustment with a double null point alignment protractor
The alignment protractor is designed to provide HTA settings with greatest accuracy
Tungsten-alloy balance weight inserts allow for maximum centre of gravity shift to balance a greater range of cartridges. Up to 38g in S2-R headshell and direct plug-in heads up to 46g
Precise vertical tracking force up to 5g is applied in 0.5 increments via the rider weight and graduated wayrod
Internal wiring is Silver Litz
Balanced hybrid 1.2M audio lead with gold plated phono plugs.