Lynx 1 - Copy-800x700
PRIS:2 000 kr med media kort

Entreq Lynx Fot


The Lynxfeet both drain and isolate significantly better than our old Catfoot and in our opinion is one of the most effective all round support devices on the market.

Vibration and energy is guided through the base of the foot to our proprietary sand filled tunnel-construction where the energies are directed towards the labyrinths in the side of the Lynxfoot. Here they are transformed into heat. Airborne vibrations and micro vibrations from the equipment itself are then guided down through the supporting pad on the upper surface of the Lynx foot where the energy is directed to different labyrinths in another part of the foot. This complex arrangement is to ensure that all energy paths are dealt with independently and to maintain a solid foundation.

This elaborate construct basically avoids cross contamination as well as ensuring that performance is repeatable no matter the enviroment or the support shelf material.