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PRIS:115 000 kr med media kort

Clearaudio Absolute Inside Riaa Förstärkare

Samma RIAA steg som Absolute men utan det lilla kretskortet monterat i tonarmen. I denna variant monteras kretskortet istället i chassit på RIAA steget för de fall där man inte har möjlighet att montera in kretskortet i tonarmen.

A more familiar disc in the form of Conjure’s Music For The Texts Of Ishmael Reed [American Clavé] exemplifies the Clearaudio’s remarkable ability to pull detail out of well worn tracks. It’s the cymbal work that makes its presence felt for almost the first time here: highs with genuine shape and solidity are rare even with analogue front ends of this calibre, so it’s a treat to ‘see’ them so clearly in an image that has remarkable height and depth. The track ‘Jes Grew’ is thick with percussion of the ‘hand on drum’ variety, so the bass line is sometimes lost or at least goes to ground under the acoustic camouflage they create: not here – now it’s possible to appreciate just how sinuous a line Steve Swallow creates.

The Clearaudio Absolute Phono Inside is probably the most compact phono stage in its class, but it proves that small is beautiful when it comes to revealing sonic character and musicianship. There are very few more affordable phono stages that approach it for sheer transparency, and I have to say it makes the notion of the headshell mounted version very enticing. For anyone who already has a decent record player, it might be time to go Inside for a long while.


Technical Specifications

Type: Two-piece, solid-state, MC phono stage

Phono inputs: One pair single-ended (via RCA jacks), one pair balanced (via XLR connectors).

Analogue outputs: One pair balanced (via XLR connectors).

Input Sensitivity: not specified.

Input impedance: 2–100 Ohms.

Input capacitance: not specified.

Output impedance: 64 Ohms (balanced).

Output level: not specified.

RIAA linearity: deviation less than 0.1dB.

Distortion: not specified.

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB (A-weighted).

Dimensions (H×W×D):

Phono stage preamp: 56 × 240 × 145mm

Power supply unit (PSU): 56 × 240 × 145mm

Weight: 6.45kg