23 ASR Basis Exclusive
PRIS:66 000 kr med media kort

ASR Basis Exclusive. Referens RIAA steg för MM/MC , med impedans och nivå justering

The ASR Basis Exclusive is our most complex Phono preamplifier and is in series equipped with the expensive MIL chip AD 843 SQ. The external power unit is based on the Battery-power unit for the ASR emitter with 400.000 uF additional filtering. In the housing of the ASR basis a buffer with a further 700.000 uF is installed.

(Toneaudio, USA, Dan Babineau, 2007)

Here lies the magic of the ASR: while running on DC, the ASR creates a naturalness, an organic presence that allows you to hear into the music and does not fatigue your brain. The precision built into the unit structurally and the accuracy in tone, pace and ultimate dynamics is what make this phonostage capture your soul. Now throw in the lack of distortion obliterated by the use of DC power and you get one or should I say two first class phono stages. The ASR Basis is fitted with RCA and balanced XLR inputs, it can also be fitted with an extra set of RCA and XLRs if required. Thus the ASR Basis Exclusive has a very deep and strong bass presence, precise dissolution of all the finest information combined with an extremely stable sound picture.

OBS! Går att uppgradera denna modell genom följande tillägg nedan.

  • WBT nextgen koppar: 3500 kr/st.
  • WBT nextgen silver: 7000 kr/st.
  • Argento XLR i silver: 15000 kr/st.
  • Säkring. Rhodiumpläterad säkring för batteridel. 2 st: 1500 kr/set.

Weighted signal-to-noise ratio: MM better than 77 dB, MC better than 68 dB, depending on gain.
Frequency response: – 3 dB from 3 Hertz to 200,000 Hertz.
Accuracy of the RIAA Correction is better 0.5 dB of 20-20.000 Hertz.
Distortion: from 5 mV to 5 V AC at 100 R with 1 kHz < 0,01, of 20 20,000 Hertz< 0,05 %
Input impedance: Phono MM: 47 K, Phono MC: 5- 1000 ohms
Input capacity: adjustable between 100 pF and 320 pF
Gain: universally adjustable up to + 32 dB
Dimensions and weights: (B xD xH)
ASR Basis main unit 43 x 37 x 12cm, 10kg
Battery power unit: 46 x 33 x 16cm, 26kg