PRIS:25 000 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Ultra Silver 2 X 2 meter högtalarkablar.

Dessa kablar kan du köpa i andra längder som : 2.5 M pris 31500:- 3 M pris 38000:- .


Ultra Silver Speaker Cable

This cable is distinctive from the Black range by focusing even more on detail. Whereas the Black range has been described as natural/neutral the Ultra Silver is being talked about in terms of the incredible new level of detail people are hearing so neutral/detail would be a good description of their ability.



Hi Fi World Review, 2015

“I’m always wary of labelling any piece of equipment as the best I’ve heard – but it’s hard to escape that conclusion in the case of the Tellurium Q Ultra Silvers. They really do shine a new light on the sound – not just in terms of midrange detail and high-end extension, but also in the way they pull the various strands together into a coherent whole that times and flows just with absolute musical coherence.”
– Jon Myles, Hi Fi World 2015

HiFi Pig Review

“The top end was clearly beyond what the K2 [Audioquest] had to offer me and I was really trying to hear something that presented itself to me which would lead me to believe that it was a bit over the top, harsh and spitty but it just didn’t happen. A true increase in perceived bandwidth was shining through with strings giving small nuances of reverbs that I hadn’t heard so well articulated before”

Highfidelity.pl Review

”This is a sign that we are dealing with something exceptional in the audio world and the cables prove to be really unique.”
– Wojciech Pacuła, highfidelity.pl

– Dan Worth, Hifipig.com.