PRIS:5 100 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Silver 2 X 2 meter högtalarkablar.

Dessa kablar kan du köpa i andra längder som : 2.5 M pris 6400:- 3 M pris 7700:- ,vid behov av längre så kostar kablarna 1300:- / halvmeter och /par.


Silver Speaker Cable

The “Silver” (Silver and Ultra Silver) has been designed for those who love detail. As has already been commented on, with the Ultra silver the top end is extraordinarily detailed without any harshness.

While the “Black range” (Black, Ultra Black and Black Diamond) could be categorised as neutral/ natural the “Silver” would lean more to neutral, detail and extension. The Silver performance sits beyond Black for very good reasons that you will hear.



Hifi Voice

””Recommended” award for the price / performance ratio. It just works right and it doesn´t feel bad even with 20 000 GBP setup. The overall transparency, relaxed sound and naturalness are awesome for this category”
– Daniel Březina,

Inner Magazine, Nov 2014

”I truly believe Tellurium has raised the standard of affordable audio cables”
– Kai Ekholm, Inner Magazine

HiFi World Review, Oct 2014

”This cable seems to be able to justify its price with an air of quality to the sound which is often missing, even when spending considerably more than this. Both leads timed well, but the Silver was exemplary in this area and the effect this can have on the perceived drive to music makes it well worth listening to.”
– Hi Fi World, Oct 2014 edition.

User Comments.

”I then listened to the silvers and Wow, what a change. Not so much as baby step, more quantum leap. The silvers were just more musical and made me tap my feet that much harder. I hear musical instruments that I had not heard before, the separation between the musical instruments and vocals was that much clearer, the sound of the instruments that much crisper. Overall it just lifted the system to a new level – something I was skeptical of before hearing them”.
Richard Taylor, UK.