PRIS:25 000 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Graphite 2 X 2 meter högtalarkablar.

Dessa kablar kan du köpa i andra längder som:2.5 M pris 31500:-, 3 M pris 38000:-.

Om du behöver längre kablar så kostar dom 6500:- / halvmeter / par.


Graphite Speaker Cable

A cable so good that it had to wait for our new class of interconnect before we could launch it.

The cable we made to out perform the highly acclaimed Ultra Black.

There is one caveat to this though. The Graphite really will show you what your system and recordings can do. This means that you need to try it in your system before you decide to keep it because on some systems you may not like what you hear and on other systems you will be blown away by a new world of sound.

Again this performs at a level beyond its price. Don’t take our word for this just plug it in and listen.

HiFi World: Totally Wired

“ Frankly? These are the best speaker cables I’ve ever heard”
– HiFi World, March 2012 edition.