PRIS:8 000 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Blue Diamond 2 X 2 meter högtalarkablar spadar eller banankontakter.

Blue Diamond Speaker Cable .  Dessa kablar kan du köpa i andra längder som : 2.5 M pris 10000 :- 3 M pris 12000:- om du behöver längre så kostar dom 2000:- / par / halvmeter.

(Formerly known as Green)

Tellurium Blue Diamond (formerly known as Green) is the companion cable to Tellurium Ultra Black and is probably more suitable for slightly bright systems as they have a very slight “mellowing” effect. This can be particularly beneficial with class D and T amplifiers.

This cable has been significantly improved from its original well reviewed green jacketed version. The original green jacketed design had a ridiculously long burn in time before it showed its silky best and displayed what it could do. Often its “un burnt in” performance was so far from what the fully burnt in version was capable of that it was like two different cables.

We redesigned the cable to keep its top performance but slash the burn in time and as a consequence its overall performance has improved too.

HiFi Pig Review 2014

“The Blue Diamond’s refinement addressed vocal clarity, projection and body impressively. Decay of strings and timbre of the acoustic guitar led into spatial awareness including crowd interaction and theatre perspectives. Yet what I found really intriguing was how the clever top end functioned….The point is that the Blue Diamonds relished those fast transients and delivered them with realism and sure-footedness, with that anticipated sharp “crack” delivered rather impressively, equally so with deep articulate bass laden with well defined and executed timbres and textures ..”
– HiFi Pig, 2014

HiFi World Review

“The Green cables could be described as ‘sweet’. That doesn’t mean cloying or that they throw any sort of veil over detail, far from it. These, warm, very friendly cables broaden the sound stage and provide, for the first time, an onion skin array of musical detail. That is, bass exhibited a multi-tonal depth and vocals displayed a complexity unheard by both the Blue and Black cables. …ideal for any slightly bright system”.
– Paul Rigby, HiFi World, 2010

“.. The green is a significant step ahead of most cables at the price in terms of communicating those nebulous qualities we think of as musicality and performance…”
– HiFi + , Issue 75, 2010.

User Comments

“Hi Geoff, Blue Diamonds arrived 6 days after order placed that’s pretty good service thank you. They are a bit cranky to run in but after about 30 hrs + 2 hits of your burn in disc they seem to have settled down. No doubt they will open up a bit more yet. These cables replaced Shunyata Cobras which had replaced top of the range (at the time) Cardas (purchased 2nd hand).These cables have very high reputations the Cardas being approx 3 or 4 times as expensive (ie as new) and the Shunyatas approx twice as expensive as the cables I purchased from you. So tough competition you would think?

Well to these quite experienced ears the Tellurium [Q] cables are far superior in every Hi Fi parameter that I can think of and that would be enough of itself for your cables to be very good value however your cables are also in another league entirely in the natural way they portray music. I am sure your more expensive cables offer further performance but as I listen I do not have a sense of anything lacking there are no that’s great BUT or I wish there WAS moments so count me as a very satisfied customer.”

– Glyn Fuller, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.