PRIS:4 500 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Black XLR 1 meter Digitalkabel

Denna kabel kan du köpa i andra längder som : 1.5 M pris 4800 :- , 2 M pris 5100:- , 2.5 M pris 5400:- , 3 M pris 5700:- , 3.5 M pris 6000:- , eller i valfri längd mot ett tillägg av 300:- / halvmeter / st.


Just like all our cables, the Digital XLR cables are hand built in Britain for performance. This cable can be made BNC-BNC or BNC to RCA. Some think that the idea that improving the signal path for digital signals is a waste of time. However a digital signal is not a 1 or 0 as is often thought but an analogue pulse and so the same care and consideration has to be taken with the construction of a digital cable as with a pure analogue cable. The 1 or 0 is result of the signal being “read” and that is the binary piece of information not the electronic signal in the wire. That is the way we think of it and why we build the cables the way that we do.

Here is a simple and non-technical way to view a digital signal in a wire and while not what happens it is a more accurate model than a one or zero. A single electron is not enough to trigger a response from audio equipment. So we need to think about the signal as a “swarm” of electrons almost with a shape. To turn a signal on or off requires a small amount of time and a magnitude of the “swarm” is necessary, the shape of which is affected by many factors and which in turn affects leading and trailing edges as they are read. However as we said, while a little closer to the truth this is still not what actually happens.


The Black Digital XLR has been designed differently from what you would expect. Many people think that a digital cable is just a digital cable but you may be surprised that this one really does make a difference in your system.