PRIS:4 300 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Black USB 1 meter digitalkabel.

Denna kabel kan du köpa i olika längder som: 1.5 M pris 4600:- , 2 M pris 4900:- , 2.5 M pris 5200:- , 3 M pris 5500:- , 3.5 M pris 5800:- , eller i valfri längd av ett pris med 300:- / halvmeter / st.


Just like all our cables the USB cables are hand built for performance in the UK. The idea that improving the digital signal path affects digital sound was frankly, laughable but is just now becoming more accepted as people hear the results. A digital signal is not just an immediate on or off, 1 or 0 as you would expect. Yes that is the way that the digital signal is read but to turn a signal on and off takes minute amounts of time and any inaccuracy in the signal path can affect this on / off information because it affects the rise time of the waveform and this is one factor that leads to errors.

We are so pleased with our research into this phenomenon that we have patented another product series called “Waveform” that takes this to new levels in digital RCA/BNC.


With the Tellurium Q USB cable, digital music – even Apple lossless – sounds dynamic and natural, quite analogue. As compared to other USB cables I’ve tried, there’s one obvious difference: it appears to play music louder!”

HiFi World Review

“A brilliant performer, the Tellurium Q Black USB cable transforms digital playback, giving you less noise and more music…”
– HiFi World 2012

HiFi+ Review

“I was impressed by the way the Tellurium Q cables seemed to approach transients (both leading and trailing edge) and cohere the sound of the music temporally. Although I am not sure how a digital cable can influence the timing of a musical signal, it’s clear through audition that the Tellurium Q cables do just that.”
– Nicholas Ripley, HiFi + .