PRIS:4 500 kr med media kort

Tellurium Q Black RCA Digitalkabel 1 meter.

Denna kabel kan du köpa i olika längder som : 1.5 M pris 4800:-, 2 M pris 5100:- , 2.5 M pris 5400:- , 3 M pris 5700:- , 3.5 M pris 6000:- ,eller i vilken längd du väljer mot ett tillägg av 300:- / halvmeter / st.


The Black Waveform II digital RCA builds on the success of the original Black Waveform but in a completely different way to give a clean, natural sound.

HiFi+ Review

“This turned out to be an interesting and almost immediate over tuning of any ‘bits is bits’ mentality I might have still been harbouring.”
– Nicholas Ripley, HiFi +.