PRIS:335 kr med media kort

Supra Toslink optisk digitalkabel 1 meter

Denna kabel kan du köpa i olika längder som : 2 M pris 425:- , 4 M pris 535:- , 6 M pris 750:- , 8 M pris 875 :- , 10 M pris 1025 :-  15 M pris 1325 ;. 20 M 1575 :- .


ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect
ZAC stands for Zero Attenuation Concept. The innovative curving of the fibre core tip to get a zero divergence loss enables plastic fibre optic to be used, and achieve the same transmission quality as that of a glass fibre core in combination with the strength and flexibility of the plastic core.

Properties and advantages of the fibre optic cable are:
Low weight
Wide band width
Interference immune
No radiation
Independent of voltage.