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Pro-Ject Head Box DS2 Hörlursförstärkare

Hörlursförstärkare i nya DS2-serien. Mer info kommer inom kort!

Pro-Ject Head Box DS2
High-End balanced headphone amplifier

• Fully balanced double mono design
• Adaptive impedance circuitry for ultimate performance of low and high impedance headphones
• Superior low distortion
• 3 Gain settings
• 3 current settings
• Low noise components for ultimate sound performance
• Output: 6,3mm (single ended), 4 Pin XLR (balanced)
• 2 Inputs: RCA, XLR
• 700mW into 30 Ohms (both channels driven)
• Phase inverter on input to convert unbalanced signal to balanced signal
• Sandwich metal casing for highest aesthetics, protects against vibration and interference
• Colour options: silver or black
• Dimensions: 206x68x194mm WxHxD
• Weight: 1800g