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Arcam Solo Sound Bar

They may be better and louder than a standard flat screen TV, but they fall short when it comes to reproducing music and movie soundtracks to a level of quality that really draws you into the heart of the drama. Arcam can call upon a twenty year pedigree of producing some of the world’s best AV systems to deliver sound that is natural, detailed and faithful.

The Solo bar offers decoding of all current HD audio formats to ensure that absolutely no sonic detail is lost. The Solo bar features six drive units and 100 watts of amplification to provide high quality, room-filling sound.

The Solo sub features a 300 watt amplifier and a downward firing 10″ woofer for added low frequency power and scale. It can be connected wirelessly or wired to the Solo bar. The Solo sub also can be used in association with more complex AV systems, for example Arcam’s class-leading AVR450 & AVR750.

Amplifier 100W
Driver units 4 x 4″ + 2 x 1″
Dimensions W1000 x H130 x D110mm
Weight 6.4kg
EAN/UPC code 5 060133 602415
User Manual

v1.17 Firmware


Wall Bracket Drawing